Monday, October 27, 2008

Short Comment On Long Hair

Men love long hair…on women, that is. No matter what your husband, lover, boyfriend or significant other may say, all things being equal, your guy would rather see your hair long and luxurious than short and stylish.

This may not be exactly what you want to hear (especially if you just coughed up a ton o’ cash on a fashionable, cropped do), but it is nonetheless generally true. From the time we are little boys, along with “sugar and spice and everything nice,” long hair represents to us femininity at its most basic level. And as we grow, we come to associate long hair with such words as “beautiful” and “sexy,” while with short hair, best you get is “cute.”

Why is the length of your hair such a big deal for us? Because we are visually oriented, and like it or not, how you appear is a primary factor in what attracts us to you. In other words, long hair gets us hot. And short hair gets us…lukewarm. So it is a source of great frustration and disappointment to American men, that unlike their European, South American, Polynesian, and Asian counterparts, American women have a tendency to cut their hair as they age. And what choice do you have? If you don’t trim your mane, you are subject to the ridicule of your peers who chide you for trying to look younger than you are (isn’t that also the purpose of makeup, hair dye, Botox, and plastic surgery – all things that are much more generally accepted), or for looking ridiculously age-inappropriate (who exactly wrote the guidelines for what was age-appropriate – and what were their credentials?). And then, strangely, after you’ve succumbed to the pressure of your short-haired sisters, you quickly join the chorus of derision aimed at others who have not yet seen the error of their long-haired ways.

The bottom line is this: You may have simply given in to peer pressure, or actually find your low-maintenance, new quaff, “chic,” but either way we are bummed. In our minds, short hair makes you look more like the thing we generally find least sexually attractive…us.

© 2008 David M. Matthews. All Rights Reserved.


Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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Jonathan Firbank said...

I tend to be more sexually attracted to women with short hair, and hair tends to be able representing yourself as well as making yourself attractive, so it's a moot point. Don't understand why older women tend to cut their hair off at a certain age, though.